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Quick Drive Racing – Can you tell us about KW Manufacturing LLC. and what you offer your clients?

Ray Drew– KW Manufacturing is a leading and expanding Metal Fabrication and CNC shop serving southeastern Wisconsin. We service industries like machine manufacturers, automation equipment, mining equipment, railroad equipment, job shops and more. Our focus is with low production; usually doing only 1-8 pieces of a product in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


Quick Drive Racing- You've put around a half season on

your Quick Drive now, please share how your experiences

have differed from running a Quick Drive compared to other

drive units or a clutch?

Ray Drew - Tuning the convertor car has been a whole

different animal than the clutch car.I had to kind of erase

everything I knew on how to tune and start over. I almost

do things opposite of when I had the clutch.  The Quick

Drive unit has been flawless and that has been awesome. I like it, but I am still on the learning curve to make it it fast. I has been extremely consistent which is great!. Consistency will win races as I just proved!

Quick Drive Racing– With many great tracks spread

across our great land.  Can you name one that stands

out to be your favorite?

Ray Drew -  Rt66 Raceway and Charlotte are two of my

favorites and superb facilities. Charlotte I have recorded some of my

personal bests but Rt66 in Joliet, Il is ultimately the winner. It’s really close to home and the racing surface is always fast!


Quick Drive Racing – The Lucas Oil Drag Racing series is definitely an extremely competitive series, and Top Alcohol Funny Car arguably the most difficult of the cars to drive. A win in this series is a very impressive accomplishment whether its a regional or national event. What does this win mean to you!

Ray Drew – Winning is the reward for all the hard work that goes into preparing one of these machines.  These cars are so humbling! You have to be mistake less in order to win these days! And Drive well too! To win any round is a feat in itself and when you repeat it all the way the final round says my team and I did our job!!

Quick Drive Racing- This next question I have asked before and love the answers every time.  Anything special you do on race day or before you strap into that Funny car?

                                                                       Ray Drew – Well, just before I crawl in car I will pat the top

                                                                       of the injector  and tell my motor not do anything stupid

                                                                       and  give me a fast winning lap. It is sort of like petting

                                                                       your dog. LOL!


                                                                       Quick Drive Racing- Every great race program has a bunch

                                                                      of guys/gals behind the scenes helping complete the team. 

                                                                      Tell us about your crew and how much they mean to you and your dreams?

Ray Drew – My whole crew are friends that volunteer their time. My best friend, Kyle Hermberg is my right hand man. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him. We became buds during college and haven’t looked back. Frank Vinzce helps me at the home shop now.. Then I fill in the rest with friends that who help from time to time.  Jay Bell,  Tyler Kovas, Nick Scarcello and  Ryan & Juanita Smith.

Quick Drive Racing– We all have a memory of getting hooked and addicted to speed.  Can you tell us when this started and where it was?

Ray Drew– I acquired a job at a Service-Machine shop, Parts Store during High School that was only a mile from school. The owner, Randy Henning, raced alcohol Funny car and I was able to earn a spot on the crew and basically got hooked from there.  

Quick Drive Racing– As I watch my sons love for this sport grows he has latched on to his favorite driver.   Can you tell us who you admired in your early years of racing?

Ray Drew – the early years I fell in love with funny cars and drivers like Raymond Beadle – Al Segrini,


Quick Drive Racing - You have been behind the wheel for many years.  But I always like hearing about a win that means the most to a driver.  Can you tell us about your favorite moment when that Win Light turned on? (All classes you have competed in not necessarily TAFC)

Ray Drew– They’re all my favorite! Anytime you win

is memorable.

Hales Corner, WI – The name Ray Drew is a name that has been around our great sport for many years.  From helping organize and Run UDRA events to co-owning a  ¼ mile drag strip and the best, pounding down to the 1320 foot mark.  He is currently sitting in the number 3 spot in the TAFC NHRA North Central Division points with a huge win earlier this month in St. Louis.  Quick Drive wants to thank you Ray for being a loyal customer.  Now it is time to hear from the man himself Mr. Ray Drew!

1 on 1 with Ray Drew and his Ray Drew Racing Top Alcohol Funny Car Team

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Photo Credit @ Allen Tracy