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Racing torque converter technology and design have been growing exponentially over the last decade, and many feel that we are only scratching the surface of the potential that converter propelled vehicles possess. While it is generally accepted that, in drag racing, torque converter driven cars tend to be quicker in the early part of the race track, very few racers have found a combination that runs the "back half" as quickly, or with as much MPH as their clutch driven counterparts. Enter the Quick Lock, the next revolution in converter driven technology. The Quick Lock combines the same race winning performance built our Quick Drive torque converter drives with the efficiency of a ‘lock-up” torque converter. Simply explained, a lock-up torque converter contains the same 3 elements (impeller, stator, and turbine) as a non lock-up converter, while adding a mechanical means of “locking” the turbine (driven element) of the torque converter to the torque converter housing, thereby locking the input shaft of the transmission directly to the flywheel on the engine. This “locking” mechanism provides the same or better efficiency as a conventional clutch at desired points during the race, such as the “back half”, while still providing the advantages that a non lock-up converter offers during the earlier part of the run.

The lock-up torque converters that are being designed for racing today incorporate a multiple disc clutch pack within the converter that is applied hydraulically to lock the converter up. The Quick Lock torque converter drive unit provides the means to control the hydraulic apply of the lock-up clutch pack. While still offering the same race proven trans-brake and torque converter charge rate and pressure stability as our Quick Drive, the Quick Lock also incorporates the hydraulic circuitry necessary to control the lock-up clutch within the torque converter. While other lock-up systems provide the simple ability to apply the lock-up clutch, the Quick Lock also affords the racer the ability to control or slow the apply rate of the lock-up clutch while still allowing for near instant release of the lock-up clutch. This ability to “modulate” the converter clutch allows the tuner the ability to gradually apply the lock-up clutch, preventing loss of traction or pulling the engine down too far. Additionally, the lock-up clutch can be released or modulated (allowed to slip) during transmission shifts if so desired. The Quick Lock incorporates a pneumatic cylinder to control the position of the spool valve that controls the lock-up clutch pressure. This allows the “modulation” of lock- up pressure to be accomplished by simply adjusting a pneumatic “flow control” valve to slow down the rate at which the hydraulic lock-up spool valve within the Quick Lock strokes, thereby slowing the rate at which the lock-up pressure rises, while a pneumatic “quick exhaust” valve allows the spool valve to return to the unlock position very quickly. There are a number of ways to control when the lock-up clutch is to be applied. It can be applied on a time based or RPM based schedule using products already on the market, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated control unit for the lock-up clutch. The Quick Drive Toolbox  contains information and instructional diagrams & materials on several methods of controlling the Quick Lock system. Please check with us for more information.

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Check out the features that only the Quick Lock can offer:

  • Modular design allows transmission removal for ratio changes, etc., without having to remove the torque converter, bell housing, and drive unit.
  • CO2 Operated trans-brake offers ultra quick release time (24 milliseconds).
  • Trans-brake torque capacity and release time unaffected by fluid temperature.
  • 9 disc brake clutch offers unequalled trans-brake holding capability​.​
  • The most stable and adjustable torque converter charge pressure and flow rate in the industry
  • Standard Input Shaft Speed sensor (ISS).  Racepak sensor provides data to help monitor torque converter efficiency, lock-up "slip" ect.
  • Available "Safety Sprag" clutch allows the engine to return to idle whenever the throttle is closed (no engine Braking).  This feature can reduce stress on the engine rotating assembly by allowing the engine to fall to idel when the throttle is closed at the finish line.  This option is not recommended for high horsepower (over 1600HP) vehicles, or vehicles that are prone to tire shake.
  • ​Pneumatic control of the lock-up hydraulic system allows for the ability to adjust the lock-up apply rate, while still providing near instant release of the lock-up clutch.
  • Quick Lock offers the racer or tuner the ability to fine tune both the converter charge pressure and the converter lock-up apply pressure.  The difference between these 2 pressures provides the apply force acting on the lock-up clutch.
  • Built by racers for racers.  We race what we sell.


Quick Lock

  "The Next Revolution"