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  • Modular design allows transmission removal for ratio changes, etc., without having to remove the torque converter, bell housing, and drive unit.
  • ​CO2 operated trans-brake offers ultra quick release time (24 milliseconds).
  • Trans-brake torque capacity and release time unaffected by fluid temperature.
  •  9 disc brake clutch offers unequalled trans-brake holding capability.
  • Available with your choice of input shaft: Standard 1” (Ford C6 spline); 1 3/16” or 1 ¼” Monster shafts. All shafts are made of 300M American steel. 
  • The most stable and adjustable torque converter charge pressure and flow rate in the industry.
  • Available Input Shaft Speed sensor (ISS). Racepak sensor provides data to help monitor torque converter efficiency, etc.​
  • Available “Safety Sprag” clutch allows the engine to return to idle whenever the throttle is closed (no engine braking). This feature can reduce stress on the engine rotating assembly by allowing the engine to fall to idle when the throttle is closed at the finish line. While the “Safety Sprag” clutch is rated at 2863 ft-lbs for 50,000 cycles or 1684 ft-lbs for 1,000,000 cycles, this option is not recommended for high horsepower (over 1600 HP) vehicles, or vehicles that are prone to tire shake.
  • Race proven with multiple wins ranging from local races to NHRA National Event wins in a variety of classes.
  • Built by racers for racers. We race what we sell.

Quick Drive


The Quick Drive is motorsports best torque converter drive unit. It will accept either the B&J or Lenco planetary transmissions, as well as Liberty transmissions. The modular design affords racers the ability to change transmission ratios without having to remove the converter drive, torque converter bolts, bell housing, etc. Simply remove the transmission from the rear of the Quick Drive. The CO2 operated trans-brake combines unequalled holding capacity with an ultra quick release time, as well as a level of consistency that rivals the best automatic transmission trans-brakes available. Years of constant refinement have resulted in the most stable converter charge pressure and flow on the market. This is important because if a racer wishes to manipulate converter pressure and/or flow in attempt to change the characteristics of a given torque converter, starting with a more stable platform offers more predictable and consistent results. Our newest Quick Drive units offer a high level of adjustability of not only torque converter charge pressure, but also the flow rate of fluid through the torque converter. (It is highly recommended to talk to your converter manufacturer prior to manipulation of converter charge pressure or flow.) Here are some of the features the Quick Drive provides: