Quick Drive, LLC offers its customers not only the highest performing torque converter drive units available in the market today, but unequalled support to the racers that use them. Racing is a sport in which the slightest detail can make the difference between winning and losing, between champions and also-rans. We realize this, and we strive to help our customers by not only paying attention to those details, but also to maximize their positive impact on each individual racing program. Whether it is providing parts and/or service for our products or offering assistance in analyzing collected data to help our customers win races, Quick Drive, LLC is ready to help.

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What We Offer

Quick Drive, LLC, located in the Denver, CO area, is not just a manufacturing company; we are a team of people dedicated to producing high quality, high performance solutions to our customers' transmission system needs. The Quick Drive torque converter drive unit was previously built and sold by US Transmission & Torque Converter, Inc. in Littleton, CO. In mid 2013, health reasons forced the owner of US Transmission & Torque Converter, Tony Eben, to close the business and retire. Ownership of, and the manufacture of Quick Drive products was transferred to Steve Graves and his sons, Blayne and Brock, of Mile High Performance (MHP), a CNC machine shop, in Parker, CO. MHP has been manufacturing products for the Quick Drive torque converter drive unit, Jr. Dragsters, as well as carting and high performance boating enthusiasts for many years. The result is Quick Drive, LLC. Tony Eben donates some of his time in a technical consulting capacity, and assists with customer service and clerical tasks. Quick Drive. LLC is a company whose passion for high performance is evident not only in the products we produce and sell, but also in the dedication we have to servicing our customers, the racers who use our products.