Quick Drive Racing Question– When /where was your first encounter with the Sport of Drag Racing?

Answer–  I first started going to the races with my Father when I was just 5 years old.  Been at it ever since!


Quick Drive Racing Question – What year did you get your first race car and what was it?

Answer – 1972, and it was a 67 Camaro!

Quick Drive Racing Question – Where is your “Home” track and what is

your favorite experience at that facility?

Answer –Our home track is Lancaster Speedway.  A small 1/8 mile track. 

The WNY area has brought about some of the greatest name's the sport

has ever seen.  My favorite memories was racing in the Quick 8 shows

every Friday night.

Quick Drive Racing Question – What attracted you to the Pro-Mod’s over all the other classes that run the ¼


Answer – Without a doubt the diversity of engine combinations, and body styles.  This is the most exciting class

in all of Drag Racing.

Quick Drive Racing Question – Explain the advancements in the Pro-Mod class to what it was when you ran

your first race.

Answer – We originally started out with the Nitrous combo back in the early 90's.  Then in 2001 is when we first

switched to the Supercharged combo.  We haven't looked back since and it has really helped to put our name

on the map in the industry.

                                                     Quick Drive Racing Question– When you shut that car down after clinching

                                                     your first World Championship what was your first thought?

                                                    Answer – I was in total disbelief. For many years with the Nitrous Engine

                                                    combination we fought just to qualify.  Then when we switched to the

                                                    Supercharger combo in 2001, we won the Pro Mod World Championship

that year.

Quick Drive Racing Question– Any pre-race rituals you can tell us about?

Answer–Nothing to crazy.  Just while sitting in the car before we run, my son and I always say "Fast as S**T" to

each other!

Quick Drive Racing Question – If you had 1 piece of advice you would give

to the younger generation of  Drag Racers what would it be?

Answer –Never give up and always follow your dreams.  What we do is a

lifestyle.  You have to want it bad enough.  After all these years, we are

still working harder than ever hoping to be able to land a big sponsorship

deal so we can do this at a much higher level.

Quick Drive Racing Question – Quick Drive Racing wants to thank you Mike Janis/Jan-Cen Racing Engines for

all the support over the years.  What are your thoughts on the QDR product?

Answer –Hands down one of the best products we have ever used.  Together with Quick Drive, Mike Janis

Racing has helped spread the word and get them all over the map.  We are a big believer in the product and we

will continue to push it to everyone around the world.  It is a very thought

out product and the innovation keeps continuing.










Elma, NY -   POWER HOUSE Mike Janis of Jan-Cen Racing gave us an opportunity to sit down and hear about his storied career.  Mike Janis has been a HUGE supporter of Quick Drive Racing over the years.  Jan-Cen Racing has definitely been a known name in the RPM NHRA Pro Mod series for many years. 

Let’s take a moment to learn about the CHAMP Mike Janis.

1 on 1 with Mike Janis and the Jan-Cen Racing Engines Team