Quick Drive Racing Question – We all had a driver that we admired in this sport   Who was that and can you remember your first Drag Racing experience?

Answer–  That would be my Uncle Joe, I remember going to his house when I was 8 or so and he had

an 66 Ford Fairlane with a Big Block. He would race it at the local track Pocatello's Drag City. Every

once in a while he would give us rides around town in the car. Sitting in the passenger seat all

harnessed in was one of the coolest things.

Quick Drive Racing Question – Can you remember your first pass and what truck/car was it in?

Answer – My first pass was at Firebird Raceway in Boise, ID. I was driving a 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse I

had a E.T. of 17.2. That next year I rebuilt the car and turned it into a turbo car. The next time I took it

to the track it was a low 13 car.

                                                     Quick Drive Racing Question– Can you tell us what it is like                                                                          to look down at a pass slip to see that you have set the bar

                                                       even higher?

                                                    Answer – That’s a feeling that is hard to explain. At first                  

                                                    you don't believe it, and then I run though all the stats, make sure  

                                                    everything is legit. Once I know that the timing system is all

                                                    good and I actually ran that pass I think about all the hard work my

                                                    team and I have put into the vehicle. Then the excitement kicks in.

                                                    Hands start shaking and I have to take that whole return road back to

                                                    calm myself.

Quick Drive Racing Question– What is your BIGGEST accomplishment so far in your Drag Racing career?

Answer– That would be setting the E.T an MPH national records. This happened at Ennis, TX we ran

an 8.51 @ 159 with a back up of 8.56 @ 159.

Quick Drive Racing Question – Wow, the NHRDA has done a great job promoting the world of the

diesel motors and it has to be exciting to be a part of!  What is your favorite part of running this series?

Answer– It is the crew and the competitors that run the events. They make us all feel like a family.

If we are up against our competitor in the final and we have a part they need to compete of vise

versa, I could say that we would give them that part so we could compete.  We all have a vision

and a passion for the diesel sport. We want it to grow and bring more spectators in. Lets give them a show.

Pocatello, ID – When it comes to Diesel Drag Racing, the sport has to be excited about the name Jarid “Ironman” Vollmer and the pounding he has been laying on the track.  He has been around the Diesel Industry for many years.  His day job is an Engineer for nationwide leader in aftermarket parts Bully Dog, yet on the weekends he hits the ¼ mile. Championships and World Records to just an all-around good guy; Jarid is exactly what the motorsports industry needs.  Let’s take a moment to learn about Jarid and his Bully Dog backed Dodge truck.

1-On-1 with Jarid Vollmer and his Bully Dog backed Diesel Truck

Quick Drive Racing Question – Outside of work and racing what is your

favorite hobby?

Answer–Teaching my son to play different sports I guess would be my next

hobby. I have a 4 year old named Drake who loves baseball, so if I am not

working on the truck or doing work, I am playing with him.

Quick Dri
ve Racing Question– Everyone has a “secret” pre-race ritual

whether it is you eating something specific before race day or patting

yourself on the back.  Can you break down the walls and tell us one?

Answer –This is probably a cliché thing to say but I get stomach nerves I won't eat until the nerves calm down, I just drink as much water as I can. Most race days I won't eat until after the event.

Quick Drive Racing Question – This is a question I have asked other drivers in the past and I think it is an important one!  The future of drag racing is in the hands of the younger generation.  What is one piece of advice you can give to them?

Answer –If they have any interest in racing go support a local track, if your old enough to drive take your vehicle and compete in a sportsman class. I started out in a 17 second car. But it was still fun.

                                                    Quick Drive Racing Question – Explain to our readers that might not

                                                     know what Bully Dog offers its customers.  Can you give us an insight

                                                     on what your day to day is with Bully Dog?

                                                     Answer– Bully Dog is a company that offers a device that will

                                                     reprogram your vehicle for better mileage and/or performance. We

                                                     work on Gas and Diesel Vehicles. My day to day routine is to write the

                                                     firmware and calibrations for our product to give our customers the best


Quick Drive Racing Question – You are new to running the Quick Drive product.  What are your initial thoughts after getting a chance to put some track time on the unit?

Answer–When stepping up the power of our truck, we kept breaking parts within our heavily modified OEM transmission. I kept our trans guy Ryan at RKL busy, he did a great job getting us to where we were but the hard parts were failing. Our runs were not consistent and we kept chasing issues. Getting the Quick Drive in the truck with the setup we have, it is just amazing. I have things we can adjust that was not available with the OEM setup, and Steve at Quick Drive is always there to answer a phone call about the setup and the adjustments on the Drive. Moving to this system I went from a 8.81 truck to a 8.51...