Quick Drive Racing Question -When did your love for this great sport begin?

Answer – My brother Allen grew up in the sport.  Our Dad raced even before we were born.  And then when we got old enough he got us involved.  We started off like many others, just racing our street car on Friday night at the local drag strip.  Then we kept moving up over the years.

Quick Drive Racing Question -What was the first car you ran the ¼ mile in and how fast was it?

Answer –  The first car I ran was my Dad’s ’56 Chevy that we still have today.  He purchased it as a street car in 1958 and it has been in the family ever since.  At that time in 1990 or so, we were running it in IHRA Hot Rod class.  It was all we could do to make it have a decent reaction time and run the quarter mile in the Hot Rod 10.90 sec index.  My nephew Tyler still drives it today in Bracket Racing!

Quick Drive Racing Question - If you didn’t run the fastest door cars in the world; what do you think your hobby would be?

Answer – Boating.  We own a small boat now and hardly ever

get to use it.  My wife Erin and I really love the water.

Quick Drive Racing Question –What is the one thing that

brings you back to this GREAT sport?

Answer –Over the years we have been in and out of drag racing.  After competing in over 20 events with Super Chevy Shows running Nitro Coupes in 2002, we were just burnt out.  So we sold everything.  Even down to our last blower pulley.  But after a few years we took a trip back to the races and got hooked all over again.  I think it is the adrenaline rush you get with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in just seconds!  We also love the technology and the mechanical aspects of racing.  Taking all the pieces and making them perform to your best ability.

Quick Drive Racing Question –What are your thoughts on the evolution of the Pro Mod series from when you first started this class?

Answer –  Like I said earlier, we grew up in the sport.  I went from Hot Rod to Top Sportsman.  After that we made a decision to follow the Nitro Coupes instead of Pro Mod.  After quitting Nitro Coupes and taking a break I saw where Pro Mod was growing strong with NHRA.  I even got the chance to drive for Dave Wood and AMS at the very first NHRA Pro Mod event in Gainesville!  I knew this was where I wanted to be.  So we set out over the years to find partners and sponsors to get us to this level.  Now with the help of Meritor, Minimizer and other great sponsors, we are there!  I think it is the best place to compete with Pro Mods.

Quick Drive Racing Question –What are your goals for this 2015 season?

Answer –  With our new setup, Andy McCoy Race Car, Mike Janis Engine and SuperCharger and Quick Drive Converter Unit, I feel that we have a good shot at qualifying at most events, winning rounds and hopefully sneak out a win!

Quick Drive Racing Question –The final question our clients want to know is…….What do you think of the Quick Drive Racing product and what advantage will you have over other drivers?

Answer –  We went with the Quick Drive on the recommendations of Mike Janis Racing.  We also saw how it performed with other racers.  So we knew it was a move in the right direction.  We like it for the consistence that it provides at the starting line, the dependability, and the quick release action on the transbrake for those killer reaction times.

Kernersville, NC -   Doug Winters of Winters Racing is one of our newest clients to the Quick Drive Racing family!  He is far from a rookie but took a little time off from racing and is now back in saddle.  His ’69 Chevelle is gearing up for the 2015 Real Pro Mod NHRA series and we are so proud to have Winters Racing running our product.   A Mike Janis Supercharged motor?  Well, I think that says it all.  Let’s take a moment to learn a little about Doug and his Winters Racing program!

1 on 1 with Doug Winters of Winters Racing LLC