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 The choice to purchase a Quick Drive or Quick Lock torque converter drive unit is one that requires much consideration. The Quick Drive and Quick Lock are not for every racer. There certainly are applications where another transmission system would be a better choice. There are also many applications where a Quick Drive or Quick Lock would be, by a wide margin, your best choice. We are always eager to answer any questions you may have to help with your decision. Please contact us to custom tailor a system that fits your specific needs.
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​ Today’s race cars are complex vehicles, and choosing components and systems for them requires the patience to thoroughly educate yourself before making the purchase decision. Choosing the type of drive system that connects your engine to the pavement is every bit as important as your choice of engine, chassis, ignition, etc. Not only do you need to stay within the guidelines set forth by the rules governing your selected type of racing, but you also need to select a system that allows you to be not only competitive in your class, but to win. It also must be robust enough to resist failure. Finally, the transmission system you select must be compatible with your ability to tune and service, as well as being within your budget. 
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